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Old Mejico is the soul of Mexico . A culture steeped in tradition with food that is rich with its history. Our cuisine has traveled thousands of miles to tantalize your senses and impassion your tastes. Mejico boasts traditional recipes that have been renewed with modern flare.

Mejico not only offers the traditional deep mexican cuisine but a taste from Del Mar as well. Enjoy our Enchiladas de Camaron(shrimp enchiladas) or our sought after Ahi tuna Tacos, either way you will enjoy these succulent dishes.

Mejico offers a grand taste of Mexico's most favored and beloved spirit: Tequila. Mejico offers a fine selection of sipping tequilas found only in a few locations in the Phoenix metro. Sit back and enjoy the fine taste of these beautiful Mexican spirits.

Mejico's ability to create some of the most delicious Margaritas this side of the Colorado is unparalleled . Our margaritas have been described as some of the most refreshing and delicious in Arizona .